Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good Morning, CocoaMasala. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of 9 Snowbabies in New York City. The third team member you must select is Mr. Greg Leadbeater from Core Cryolab. He is a civilian and a highly capable professional cryogenic shipper who is capable of shipping your embryos to India. You have until the end of August to recruit Mr. Leadbeater and meet me in New York City to receive your next assignment. This message will self- destruct in five seconds.


#1: Go to clinic A in New York City, sign release papers and hand carry 2 Snowbabies to Clinic B

#2 Once at Clinic B pay the storage fees for 7 Snowbabies, give them the paperwork for the 2 Snowbabies from Clinic B and let them know Greg Leadbeater will be arranging shipment to India

#3 Contact Greg Leadbeater and pay the invoice that he previously sent us and he begins the contact between Clinic B in New York City and Clinic C in India

#4 All 9 of our Snowbabies will be shipped and tracked by Mr. Leadbeater and God willing will arrive safely to Dr. B in India

Stay Tuned...