Sunday, April 18, 2010

Celebrities and Gestational Surrogacy

Celebrity Gestational Surrogacy has become a common place in the world of Hollywood, and in my opinion is bringing some much needed attention and acceptance to the infertility/gestational surrogacy communities.

According to the National Survey of Family Growth, CDC 1995, approximately 6.1 million women and their partners in the United States are affected by infertility, i.e., 10% of the total reproductive-age population. Gestational Surrogacy is a wonderful option for couples who face various infertility problems. Some common reasons for using a Gestational Surrogate/Carrier are: the absence or malformation of the uterus, a known medical condition that makes it impossible for the woman to carry a pregnancy, multiple failed IVF's with healthy embryos and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. Gestational Surrogacy is a succesful infertility treatment that allows couples to have their own genetic child.

Now here are some Celebrities that have used Gestational Surrogates:

Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance

Angela & her husband Courtney went through 7 years of failed fertility treatments including IVF before turning to The Center for Surrogate Parenting in Encino, California. They were blessed with boy/girl twins Bronwyn Golden & Slater Josiah.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
Since having given birth to her 6 year old son Parker, Sarah had been unable to carry a subsequent succesful pregancy to term. Sarah & her husband Matthew turned to Gestational Surrogacy and were blessed with twin girls.

Marisa Jaret Winokur & Judah Miller
After surviving a battle with cervical & uterine cancer, Marisa & Judah turned to a surrogate to concieve their son Zev. In an article for People Magazine Marisa encouraged others who are struggling to concieve by stating, "You can find a way to do this. If you want to have a baby, you can adopt, there’s in vitro, there’s surrogacy. With my surrogate, its a whole different world. There is no, like, ‘Is she going to change her mind?’ It’s my egg, it’s my biological child…This is the most intense time of my life."

Dennis & Kimberly Quaid
When Dennis' wife Kimberly suffered from at least 5 known miscarriages, they turned to a "Gestational Carrier" as Dennis Quaid likes to say and are now thankful to have twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace.

Ricky Martin
Ricky who recently came out on his website for the benefit of his own self-acceptance and his family, had twin sons via a Gestational Surrogate in August 2008.

Katey Sagal & Kurt Sutter
Katey suffered from medical issues after the birth of her two older children from a previous marriage but when she married Kurt Sutter who did not have any children of his own, they turned to a Gestational Surrogate and baby Esme' Louise was born.

Laurie Metcalf & Matt Roth
After the birth of their son Will 11 years earlier, Laurie & her husband turned to Gestational Surrogacy to concieve their daughter May in July 2005. Laurie also has an older daughter named Zoe from a previous marriage.

Kelsey & Camille Grammer
Kelsey & his wife Camille turned to the Center for Surrogate Parenting when they were unable to conceive a child together becasue she suffers from a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which her doctors said could present serious health risks if she attempted to give birth. They decided to turn to a Gestational Surrogate to help them build their family. Their daughter Mason Oliva was born in 2001 and their son Jude Gordon was born in 2004.

Chris Meloni & Sherman Williams
Chris & his wife had both daughter Sophia and son Dante with the help of a Gestational Surrogate.

Joan Lunden & Jeff Konigsberg
Joan has three grown daughters from her first marriage concieved naturally. When she remarried in 2000 she and Jeff wanted children together becasue he had none. After 5 failed IVF attempts, Joan and Jeff turned to Gestational Surrogacy and have been blessed with two sets of twins. Joan has become a spokesperson for Gestational Surrogacy.

Taylor Dane
Songstress Taylor Dayne embarked on her journey toward single parenthood in 2001, after her twins, Levi and Astaria, arrived via a Gestational Surrogate. Taylor used her eggs and had a friend donate the sperm.


  1. Thanks for this post, and for letting people know that surrogacy is more common than most know.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I knew of some of these cases, but there are a lot more. The more positive news, the better!

  3. Thanks Ladies ;) I really enjoyed blogging about this particular topic and I chose celebrites to represent the various issues that exist with Infertility and Secondary Infertility.

  4. Great post! I didn't know about half of those couple.

  5. This helps to show the world that surrogacy is normal!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. like all the pictures of successful families.

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