Saturday, August 6, 2011

For Nostalgia's Sake

Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again... ~Ahmad Ali Lewis

Remember back in the day when we were kids and life was so simple? When we didn't have to worry about anything. Not the complexities of adulthood, infertility or trying to start a family? Here are some of my favorite things from when I was a little kid:

My favorite cartoons were the Smurfs and the Thundercats, and I am not ashamed to admit I will be going to see the 2011 Smurfs re-make in 3-D

Remember when TV shows were positive and used to be about the happy side of family life?

The Cosby Show

Family Matters

Growing Pains

Punky Brewster

These were my favorite toys as a kid. Many of these toys are vintage collector's items now and I plan on getting some of them for my future kids...

My Little Pony


Pound Puppies

Star Wars

Strawberry Shortcake


Didn't you just love to go to McDonald's to see Ronald, Early Bird, Grimace and the Hamburgler? Remember when Ronald and his buddies did all of the McDonald's commercials? McDonald's had the greatest collectors glasses from 80's movies and the best collector's plates.

These were some of my favorite movies as a kid and I still enjoy watching them now!



Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Return of the Jedi

The Goonies

The Karate Kid


  1. I do remember!!! We have purchased several of our favorite shows from the 80s on DVD like The Cosby Show and Facts of Life. Another fave for my husband was He-Man and yes, we have a Castle Greyskull in the attic just waiting for a child to come along. Sadly, the Barbie Dream House melted a few summers back while stored at my mom's house.

  2. We must be the same age, lol...because i remember all those mentioned in your post were MY fav's as well. Yes to be a child again the good old days. I posted a Monkee's song that i like on my blog, but i am not from the 60's (i'm a 80's girl)...but i remember the re-runs on tv. :)

    Thanks for posting :)

  3. Allie I loved the Facts of Life too and Different Strokes LOL. WOW I had a Castle Greyskull too and He-Man and She-Ra dolls LOL! I have no Idea what happened to my Barbie Dream House but that is on my list to get too.

  4. Hey Mandy fellow 80's Baby you are quite welcome ;) LOL

  5. He He! I am a child of the 80s too-great blog entry-brings back memories.

  6. Love love LOVE this post and the 80s! Brings me back to the golden age. The 80s... the golden age of pretty much anything, ever.