Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the United Kingdom!

Merry Christmas! I left New York City last night and I am now in London, England by the grace of God. I flew out on American Airlines and I must say they made our Christmas Eve a nice one. We had a Christmas Eve dinner with gravy, chicken, mash potatoes, salad, rolls, cheese and crackers, dessert and unlimited beverages. I have a 4 hour lay over here and then it is on to Dubai! I will be in Dubai tonight and tomorrow and I look forward to doing some sightseeing before flying on to India. Wishing Anu and Annette and Mark safe flights to India...


  1. merry xmas cocoa!!! may your journey be fruitful as i wish you and your family the very best in the new year. goodhealth,joy,wealth and lots of babies. stay blessed

  2. What a great story you've got to tell you child/ren - you spent xmas in London on the way to creating them. So cool, and hopefully not literally (as in the weather)! Happy holidays Coco and Brian.

  3. Unlimited beverages in which you can partake, the best thing about surrogacy! Merry Christmas!!!