Friday, April 6, 2012


Hello Fam!

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but work has been busy, busy, busy! After the new year, I started searching for a new clinic and I am taking my time as I want to make the RIGHT choice! This time, I am only looking at clinics in Mumbai and New Delhi!! With lots of prayer, I believe God will allow me to make the right decision. I want to cycle in August, and I have an appointment next week with my regular fertility doctor in NYC to discuss if I will do a cycle in NYC and ship my embryos to India, since I have insurance coverage or just go to India and do a fresh cycle. Family, feel free to chime in...

I want to send thoughts and prayers out to Bernadette, Scarlett and Hayden as well as Jill...

Avey and Hari, I am glad things are progressing ;)

Temmy you are almost there!

Allie thanks so much for checking on me ;)


  1. Glad to hear you have a plan and things are moving forward! I hope that work slows down a bit soon! Best wishes!

  2. For what it's worth, i think a fresh cycle in India is going to give you the best result and the hightest probability of a pregnancy.

    It is probably worth reading blogs of women who have self cycled in India...

  3. Fresh in India, anytime. It is so good for one to actually meet the persons who you trust to create your new generation. For us it was so much easier to come back and know how things work. Lots of thoughts and love on your road!

  4. Cocoa, I've been following you for a long time. Fresh is best as I'm sure you know, and if you're going to India SCI is clearly the clinic with the best track record recently.
    You asked for two cents, maybe I gave four :D

  5. Well, I've done both: frozen & fresh... and fresh worked. Meeting with everyone in the clinic really put my mind at ease and financially it turned out to be around the same price anyway. You'll know when you make the right decision for you.

  6. Thanks Fam for all of your advice ;) I really appreciate it!

  7. Hi Cocoa, where have you been? Been checking up on you to see updates. thanks! why dont you try SCI too? Dr S does not fool around and she will always do everything in your interest. well, we fell pregnant and i only have good things to say as well as the fact that you pay in installments. that was a what did it for me when i was left with a mumbai and delhi clinic. Best wishes and i will keep you in my prayers.x

  8. Hey Temmy! I have been so busy with work but doing my due diligence with researching clinics. SCI is on my list and thanks for sharing your experience with Dr. S ;) and please keep me in your prayers as you are in mine ;)

  9. Good luck with your search, it will lead you toy the right place xxx

  10. Is it difficult to ship embryos to India? I was wondering about that if our first cycle in India in not successful in June.

    Also, I'm not sure if most Westerners are familiar with the Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, but it is QUITE well known in India (Aamir Khan had his baby with them). It is a top-rated hospital from what my husband says. It was a toss up between that location and the one we went with - though the don't seem to overtly go for international clients. Probably because the don't have to.

    Here is their surrogacy website if you are interested:
    and the regular website:

  11. Best wishes with your decision in choosing a clinic, I hope once you do you feel relieved that you have a plan. Plans always help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I self cycled fresh with Dr Shivani twice and did the whole cycle in Delhi each time. I figured it costs so much I might as well increase the chances of success by doing it fresh. I wish you every success!!!